When I Tell You To Shhh...


💗 “Coila Candle” ( Hold and Rezz ) From: :[P]:- (Plastik) It come’s with a Bento hold. Left or Right ( i think its very important that its for both hands ) and it come’s with a hud so you can recolor the candle and the holder ! Looks just stunning !

💗 “Drom Antlers” From: :[P]:- (Plastik)  Cute and beautiful antlers ! As you can see there are some hair strings over them. In the hud you can change the color so it match your hair ! Up to 50 colors of hair ! The antlers you can recolor in the most stunning colors and textures ! And this all the Drom Antlers and the Coila Candle , you can find at Tannenbaum Event

~ Other Credits ~

Maitreya mesh body , Bento head catwa, Hair Magika, Ears Swallow

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