Follow Me …If You Dare…

Time for Halloween again !

This time a stunning outfit for the Epiphany !

Petrichor ( Plastik) Made this amazing outfit called “Asmodai Reaper” Its a stunning big gacha !

What do i wear from it ? Almost everything ! …

Commonds: Earrings, horns, knifehallow, collar, top, skirt withpanties, boots.

Rare: Seythe, Magic orb, Wings (Click Here you can see how it move’s ! )

There are 33 commons ! in 4 colors. All the parts are mix and matchable, every piece is hud controlled, and the layering is gorgeous ! A magic orb ( Rare) and a scythe as weapon (Rare) with bento hold animations, flapping wings (Rare) , Crowns, tainted halos, BOM tattoos and embedded body gems. Also the Sacred outfit and the Damned outfits are Rare.

There are two exclusives, Asmodai Gaunellets and the Asmodai Thighplates

Oke enough talk .. got get your outfit fast at The Epiphany

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